Liylan Group

Through the Patrimoniu Foundation, Hortimpex Liylan Agro has begun a long-term collaboration with the Romanian Academy in Horticulture, research and technical expertise. Through this partnership we are working on raising the quality standards to and beyond international requirements.

Euro Energy Solutions

Euro Energy Solution Limited (EES), part of the UPM GROUP, is an engineering company which specialises in the field of sustainable energy and the environment. Both are key areas, we need energy to maintain our standard of living and we need a clean environment to protect life itself. The focus of EES is on developing fuel cells which are clean and highly energy efficient

United Ulitmate Homeland

UNHLS have been working with the world recognised Reading University (UK) in an R&D programme for two years and have developed the next generation of Homeland security systems developing intelligent image processing covering a whole city and or country that can be remotely viewed in a 3D control theatre (CAVE).